Handbook of Research on Women in Management and the Global Labor Market

  • 10h 53m
  • Elisabeth T. Pereira, Paola Paoloni
  • IGI Global
  • 2019

Existent literature has identified the existence of some differences between men and women entrepreneurs in terms of propensity to innovation, approach to creativity, decision making, resilience, and co-creation. Without properly examining the current inequalities in social-economic structures, it is difficult to examine the results of corporate female leadership.

The Handbook of Research on Women in Management and the Global Labor Market is a pivotal reference source that examines the point of convergence among entrepreneurship organizations, relationship, creativity, and culture from a gender perspective, and researches the relation between current inequalities in social-economic structures and organizations in the labor market, education and individual skills, wages, work performance, promotion, and mobility. While highlighting topics such as gender gap, woman empowerment, and gender inequality, this publication is ideally designed for managers, government officials, policymakers, academicians, practitioners, and students.

In this Book

  • The Evolution of the Role of Women in Labor Markets in Developed Economies
  • Evolution of the Employment Gender Inequality
  • The Role of Education in Women's Career Life in Emerging Economies: A Case of Turkey
  • Transversal Competences Towards Employability in Female Students
  • Power and Gender: A Comparative Cross-Cultural Study of Working Women
  • Relation Between Work-Family Life Conflict and Organizational Cynicism in Women: A Research in Banking Sector
  • Life Context Model, Intersectionality, and Black Feminist Epistemology: Women Managers in Africa
  • The Daughter's Career in Family Firms: A Reflection on the Cultural/Contextual Aspects
  • Women's Roles in Family Businesses: Specifics, Contradictions, and Reflections
  • Understanding Career Barriers of Women Executives: Glass Ceiling and Glass Cliff
  • Gender Awareness and Women Managers in Tourism: Perceptions of Inequality and What Could be Done
  • Exploring Female Entrepreneurship: Addressing Some Misconceptions
  • Female Entrepreneurship in Africa: An Inquiry into the Influence of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations on Business Growth
  • Corporate Female Leadership Effects Considering PSI20 and IBEX35 Companies' Performance
  • Board Gender Diversity and Firm Performance: Integrating Agency and Institutional Theory
  • Women on Board and Firm Performance: Evidence from Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Bahraini Women's Voices in the Boardroom: The Effect of Gender Diversity on Firm Performance