History Lessons: What Business And Management Can Learn From The Great Leaders Of History

  • 4h 35m
  • Jonathan Gifford
  • Cyan Communications Ltd.
  • 2010

Modern organisations need great leadership not only from the chief executive officer or their equivalent, but at every level of management. Arguably, as high-calibre management skills are inferred from every successful twenty-first century operation, what sets the truly great organization ahead of its competitors is the quality of its leadership. The personal qualities and abilities that great leaders possess cannot be taught in the same way that the skills and techniques of good management can. Leadership is an intensely human activity, and great leadership takes many different forms. From Pericles of Athens to Nelson Mandela, from Horatio Nelson to Chiang Kai Shek, History Lessons examines the great leaders of history and asks, What was it that set them apart and enabled their dramatic successes? The lessons to be learned from history are rich and varied, throwing the light of two thousand years of human experience on the challenges facing the decision-makers of today. Anyone who is called upon to lead in any sphere, whether the president of a multinational corporation, or the organiser of a local charity event, will find History Lessons informative, inspiring and potentially life-changing.

About the Author

JONATHAN GIFFORD is a business man, historian and author, whose writing focuses particularly on the human aspects of leadership and management. After reading philosophy at the University of Kent at Canterbury, Jonathan worked for a number of major media organizations, beginning his career at the Guardian newspaper in the 1970s. He went on to work for the Sunday Express, the Mail on Sunday, and later for BBC Worldwide, where he launched the award-winning BBC History Magazine in 2000. Jonathan now runs his own company, Gifford Creative, and is a director of the marketing consultancy Bluequest Media.

In this Book

  • History Lessons—What Business And Management Can Learn From The Great Leaders Of History
  • Introduction
  • Changing The Mood
  • Boldness Of Vision
  • Doing The Planning
  • Leading From The Front
  • Bringing People With You
  • Making Things Happen
  • Taking The Offensive
  • Creating Opportunities
  • Notes
  • Selected Bibliography And Further Reading