How to Get from Cubicle to Corner Office

  • 1h 53m
  • Joel Weiss
  • Gibbs Smith
  • 2005

Have you ever found yourself dreaming of the view from the corner office? Did you know that there are commonsense skills you can practice that will help you significantly reduce the time it takes you to get there?

How to Get From Cubicle to Corner Office is filled with solid advice and tips on how to fast-track your career in today's business climate. With inspiring stories and quotations, author Joel Weiss leads you through a series of valuable lessons on how you can improve your performance and garner the attention that leads to promotion.

About the Author

Joel Weiss is a seasoned executive and manager with more than fifty years of experience in business and the military.

He held the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Burger King Corporation. He also held several executive positions with ITT, working in the United States and six other countries for more than fifteen years.

He served as a Major in the U.S. Air Force as Director of Intelligence for a fighter bomber wing and as Director of Intelligence for the New Jersey Air National Guard.

In this Book

  • Present the Unshakable Facts—Correct Decisions Depend on Them
  • Use Information to Reach Good Conclusions—Gather It, Analyze It, and Make a Plan to Take Action
  • Tackle Problems Head-On—Simplify by Looking at Them in Pieces
  • Communicate Confidently—In Speech and Writing, Be Clear and Interesting
  • Don't Try to Go It Alone—Support and Cooperation Will Get the Job Done
  • Track Vital Life Signs—Learn What Makes a Company in Your Industry Financially Sound
  • Be an Eager Learner—The More You Know, the More Valuable You Are
  • Ask for What You Want—Don't Expect Rewards to Come Automatically
  • Package Yourself for Sale—Present Your Work and Yourself in the Best Light Possible
  • Plan Your Career—Keep Your Skills Marketable
  • Prepare for Meetings—This is the Most Important Thing That Can Set You Apart
  • Get Involved in Company Planning—There Is No Substitute for Good Planning
  • Network with Consultants—Be Sure the Goal is Clear
  • Sharpen Your Management Skills—Learn How to Minimize People Problems
  • Have a Positive Attitude—The Personal Trait That Dominates
  • Be Responsive and Reliable—Two of the Most Basic Essentials
  • Be a Doer, not Just a Talker—Step Forward and Volunteer
  • Anticipate and Adapt to Change—Transform Yourself
  • Be Open and Friendly—Honey Gets Better Results Than Vinegar
  • Put in Extra Time and Effort—The Road to Success Is Open 24/7
  • Help People—Including Your Boss
  • Have a Caring Heart—What Goes Around Comes Around
  • Be Gracious at Winning and Losing—No One Likes a Bragger or a Whiner
  • Learn to Enjoy Your Work—If You Can't, Look Elsewhere; Don't Retire on the Job
  • Choose the Best Role Models—Learn from People Who Know More Than You Do
  • Review your Career—Recall People Who Have Helped You Along the Way
  • Strive to be Fair—Win-Win Feels Good for Everyone
  • Develop Faith for the Tough Times—Everybody Has Them