How to Survive a Data Breach: A Pocket Guide

  • 27m
  • Stewart Mitchell
  • IT Governance
  • 2013

Data breaches are becoming a fact of life. As companies retain more data on clients, and data collection becomes more centralised, the risk of multiple records going missing increases. If your organisation gets hit by a data breach, then the way you respond will have a huge impact on your ability to recover. For this reason, forward planning is essential.

This handy pocket guide tells you what you need to do to prepare for a data breach. It explains the key measures you need to take to handle the situation and to minimise the damage. The information is drawn from various regulatory publications, and interviews with security experts, lawyers and software suppliers.

About the Author

Stewart Mitchell has been an IT journalist for more than 10 years, working across a number of publications including the Sunday Times and specialist magazines such as PC Pro, Computer Shopper and PC Adviser. He has run his own Internet-based business for the last four years and regularly meets with IT business leaders.

Even in the dark, Mitchell wouldn’t pretend to be a techie, but he knows an awful lot of people who are, as well as many IT executives who manage those techies. A solid understanding of the issues surrounding IT for the business, coupled with an ability to translate geek speak into something slightly more understandable, makes him a conduit of digestible information.

In this Book

  • How to Survive a Data Breach—A Pocket Guide
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Assessment and Containment
  • Notification
  • Winning Hearts and Minds
  • Post-Breach Review
  • Appendix
  • ITG Resources