Integrity in Business: Developing Ethical Behavior Across Cultures and Jurisdictions

  • 2h 33m
  • Frank Holder
  • Ashgate Publishing
  • 2013

Business integrity is rarely a matter of straight-forward rules. As the nature and geography of business transactions become more complex, managers are required to make judgements and to tackle new ethical dilemmas that are often local and situational. Integrity in Business explores the complex nature of integrity and business and illustrates how organizations have avoided major setbacks to their reputations and value by encouraging integrity. It also examines those organizations that have failed or experienced serious reputational damage due to lack of preparation, lack of transparency and lack of leadership.Frank Holder analyzes how transparency and integrity depend on a state of balance in competition and knowing who you are doing business with. He explains the significance of leadership awareness which, whilst now global, is alert to the need to establish integrity in local markets.Using his research from a review of significant fraud cases, legislative mandates and governmental and nongovernmental initiatives over the past 15 years, the author provides a rigorous and sophisticated guide to understanding and adopting an holistic business integrity strategy- one which has a realistic chance of protecting your organization from the kind of catastrophic loss or reputational damage that can easily be the result of an error of judgement in a world that is increasingly connected and driven by instant and social media.

About the Author

Frank Holder is a Senior Managing Director and Chairman of Ibero-America at FTI Consulting, one of the world's premier risk mitigation companies.As the head of the Ibero-America region, Dr. Holder oversees offices in Madrid, Miami, Mexico City, Panama City, Bogota, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. Due to his specialization in emerging markets, he has over 20 years of real life on the ground experience with compliance and business integrity issues. He has also spoken at many conferences, has regular press exposure and has published articles on related topics.Dr. Holder has a PhD in Political Science and an MA in International Relations from the Universidad de Belgrano, a private university in Argentina, and a BS in History with a minor in Spanish from the United States Air Force Academy, where he was a summa cum laude graduate.

In this Book

  • Integrity in Business—Developing Ethical Behavior across Cultures and Jurisdictions
  • The Myth of Amoral Business
  • Emerging Markets
  • Developed Markets
  • Case Studies of Major Fraud and Corruption around the World
  • Drivers of Current Behavior
  • What In The World Is Wrong?
  • Improving Integrity