ITaaS: Using EHC and VCE to Build Your Datacenter

  • 9m
  • Fadi Elhamy, Sherif Mohsen
  • EMC
  • 2015

The IT world is changing, from inflexible older models where IT had to fulfill every request for each employee in the organization, to the rise of Public Cloud providers who offer more flexible alternatives which contribute to agile delivery of IT resources to the business users, to the rise of the Private Cloud model which replicates the Public Cloud model only with additional security as the resources are located within the safe zone of the customer infrastructure.

In this Book

  • ITAAS—Using EHC and VCE to Build Your Data Center
  • Executive Summary
  • Converged Infrastructure─Is it the future of Private Clouds?
  • Is it a big market?
  • The VCE Story
  • Vblock Systems 340 and 720 Architectures
  • EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
  • Business Challenges
  • Key Components of EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
  • Data center virtualization and cloud management
  • Building the Private Cloud Data Center on Vblock
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix
  • References