JMP 12 Profilers

  • 1h 27m
  • SAS Institute
  • SAS Institute
  • 2015

JMP 12 Profilers covers the family of interactive profiling tools, which enable you to view cross-sections of any response surface. The book also includes details about plotting points and surfaces in a three-dimensional graph.

In this Book

  • Learn about JMP—Documentation and Additional Resources
  • Introduction to Profilers—Visualize Response Surfaces and Optimize Processes
  • Profiler—Explore Cross Sections of Responses across Each Factor
  • Contour Profiler—Explore Contours of Responses across Two Factors
  • Surface Plot—Explore Contours of Responses across Three Factors
  • Mixture Profiler—Explore Factor Effects Using Ternary Plots
  • Custom Profiler—Explore Response Surfaces Using a Numerical Calculator
  • Simulator—Explore the Effects of Variation on Responses
  • Noise Factors—Minimize Noise Variation to Create a Robust Process
  • Excel Profiler—Visualize Models Saved in Microsoft Excel