JMP 12 Specialized Models

  • 2h 42m
  • SAS Institute
  • SAS Institute
  • 2015

JMP 12 Specialized Models provides details about modeling techniques such as partitioning, neural networks, nonlinear regression, and time series analysis. Topics include the Gaussian platform, which is useful in analyzing computer simulation experiments. The book also covers the Response Screening platform, which is useful in testing the effect of a predictor when you have many responses.

In this Book

  • Learn about JMP—Documentation and Additional Resources
  • Introduction to Specialized Modeling—Overview of Modeling Techniques
  • Partition Models—Use Decision Trees to Explore and Model Your Data
  • Neural Networks—Fit Nonlinear Models Using Nodes and Layers
  • Model Comparison—Compare the Predictive Ability of Fitted Models
  • Nonlinear Regression with Built-In Models—Analyze Models with the Fit Curve Platform
  • Nonlinear Regression with Custom Models—Analyze Models That You Create
  • Gaussian Process—Fit Data Using Smoothing Models
  • Time Series Analysis—Fit Time Series Models and Transfer Functions
  • Response Screening—Screen Large-Scale Data