Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties

  • 2h 48m
  • Joe Celko
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2004

In his previous book, (SQL for Smarties, 2e, MK, 1999) Joe Celko wrote two chapters on programming techniques for representing trees and hierarchies in SQL. Ever since then, he has been bombarded with questions requesting more explanation of these topics. Joe has decided to meet the demand for this information by addressing the topic in depth in his new full-length book. Trees and hierarchies are a way to organize information and appear everywhere in computer science, from indexing structures (i.e. B-Tree indexing) to encoding schemes (i.e. Dewey Decimal system for libraries) to hierarchical databases. Even XML and related markup languages-which interact with databases-are based on tree structures. Every SQL programmer is faced with the challenge of creating these structures, which are not easy to master and have far-reaching programmatic effects.

About the Author

Joe Celko is a noted consultant, lecturer, teacher, and one of the most-read SQL authors in the world. He is well known for his ten years of service on the ANSI SQL standards committee, his dependable help on assorted SQL newsgroups, his column in Intelligent Enterprise (which won several Reader's Choice Awards), and the war stories he tells to provide real-world insights into SQL programming. His best-selling books include Joe Celko's SQL for Smarties: Advanced SQL Programming, Joe Celko's SQL Puzzles and Answers, Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties, and Joe Celko's SQL Style, all published by Morgan Kaufmann.

In this Book

  • Graphs, Trees, and Hierarchies
  • Adjacency List Model
  • Path Enumeration Models
  • Nested Set Model of Hierarchies
  • Frequent Insertion Trees
  • The Linear Version of the Nested Sets Model
  • Binary Trees
  • Other Models for Trees
  • Proprietary Extensions for Trees
  • Hierarchies in Data Modeling
  • Hierarchical Encoding Schemes
  • Hierarchical Database Systems (IMS)