M-Commerce: Global Experiences and Perspectives

  • 5h 54m
  • Morten Rask, Nikhilesh Dholakia, Ruby Roy Dholakia (eds)
  • IGI Global
  • 2006

M-Commerce: Global Experiences and Perspectives focuses on the emerging growth of mobile telecommunications and mobile commerce around the world. To provide a global perspective, this book describes approaches from three major regions of the world - North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific – and highlights several countries from each region. These countries are significant because of their large existing base of mobile telecom users, their future potential, their innovativeness in mobile telecom technology development, and their leadership in launching new mobile applications. M-Commerce: Global Experiences and Perspectives contains chapters from authors of many countries, and while each chapter examines a specific country in-depth, all the chapters use a common integrative framework called the CLIP (communications, locatability, information provision, and payment processing) application-theoretical framework. These four core functions underlie various mobile telecommunications services offered worldwide. This conceptual framework facilitates a deeper understanding of the effective business strategies for m-commerce.

About the Editors

Nikhilesh Dholakia is Professor of Marketing, E-Commerce, and International Business in the College of Business Administration at the University of Rhode Island (URI). Dr. Dholakia’s research deals with technology, innovation, market processes, and consumer culture. He has published extensively in the fields of Marketing, e-Commerce, and Consumer Culture. Among his books are New Infotainment Technologies in the Home: Demand-Side Perspectives (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1996) and Worldwide E-Commerce and Online Marketing: Watching the Evolution (Quorum, 2002). Dr. Dholakia has won the Charles Slater award for the Journal of Macromarketing. He has also chaired doctoral dissertations that have won the MSI/Clayton and ACR/Sheth Foundation awards. Dr. Dholakia holds a B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and a Ph.D. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Morten Rask is associate professor of international business, marketing and e-business in the Department of Management and International Business Studies at the Aarhus School of Business in Denmark. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Rhode Island (URI). Dr. Rask has been doing research on the organizational use of Internet for international marketing since 1995. His Ph.D. dissertation was about Global B2B e-commerce. His current research is on m-commerce, e-business and e-marketplaces. He has published in the fields of global marketing, e-commerce, and m-commerce. He has contributed to Electronic Markets, European Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management and to Management and Business Economics (in Danish). Among his books are Organizing for Networked Information Technologies - Cases in Process Integration and Transformation (Aalborg University Press, 2001), and E-marketplaces for exporting (Samfundslitteratur, 2002, in Danish). Morten Rask has won the Tuborg Foundation Business Economist 1999 Award given to Ph.D. students for excellent performance. Morten Rask holds an M.Sc. in International Business Economics and a Ph.D. in International Business from Aalborg University in Denmark, and has practical work experiences in Silicon Valley, USA.

Ruby Roy Dholakia is Professor of Marketing and E-Commerce in the College of Business Administration, University of Rhode Island (URI). She is also the Director of Research Institute for Telecommunications and Information Marketing (RITIM) at URI. She has also taught at Indian Institutes of Management, Calcutta and Ahmedabad; XLRI - Jamshedpur, India; and Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan. Her research interests are in the areas of market acceptance of technology products and services, marketing strategy for technology products, and services and consumer socialization processes. She has been a seminar leader and keynote speaker in business and academic conferences and workshops in USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Consulting experience has entailed conducting empirical studies on organizational and household adoption behaviors regarding telecommunications and information technology products and services sponsored by companies such as AT&T, NYNEX, Motorola, Telecom Italia, and Unisys. Her recent publications include Worldwide E-Commerce and Online Marketing: Watching the Evolution (Quorum, 2002), “Multichannel Retailing: A Case Study of Early Experiences”, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 2005. She holds a B.S. (Business Administration) and a MBA (Marketing) from University of California at Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Marketing from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, USA.

In this Book

  • Mobile Communications and Mobile Commerce—Conceptual Frames to Grasp the Global Tectonic Shifts
  • Canada—Mobile Commerce Under Construction
  • China—M-Commerce in World's Largest Mobile Market
  • Denmark—M-Commerce Experiences and Perspectives
  • Finland—Internationalization as the Key to Growth and M-Commerce Success
  • France—Mobile Communications and Emerging M-Commerce
  • Germany—From Chart-Topping Ringtones to 3G M-Commerce
  • India—The Awakening of M-Commerce
  • Japan—Keitai Krazy, From the Web to the Wallet
  • New Zealand—M-Commerce Beyond the Basics, Adopting Added-Value Services
  • South Korea—Vision of a Ubiquitous Network World
  • United Kingdom—Current M-Commerce Developments and Future Prospects
  • United States of America—Renewed Race for Mobile Services
  • It's an M-World After All—Lessons from Global Patterns of Mobile Commerce