Managerial Perspectives on Intelligent Big Data Analytics

  • 7h 49m
  • Zhaohao Sun
  • IGI Global
  • 2019

Big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing work, management, and lifestyles and are becoming disruptive technologies for healthcare, e-commerce, and web services. However, many fundamental, technological, and managerial issues for developing and applying intelligent big data analytics in these fields have yet to be addressed.

Managerial Perspectives on Intelligent Big Data Analytics is a collection of innovative research that discusses the integration and application of artificial intelligence, business intelligence, digital transformation, and intelligent big data analytics from a perspective of computing, service, and management. While highlighting topics including e-commerce, machine learning, and fuzzy logic, this book is ideally designed for students, government officials, data scientists, managers, consultants, analysts, IT specialists, academicians, researchers, and industry professionals in fields that include big data, artificial intelligence, computing, and commerce.

In this Book

  • Intelligent Big Data Analytics: A Managerial Perspective
  • Is Artificial Intelligence a New Dawn or Challenge for Corporate Decision Making?
  • The Strategic Adoption of Big Data in Organizations
  • Managerial Controversies in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics
  • Using Intelligent Agents Paradigm in Big Data Security Risks Mitigation
  • Optimizing and Enhancing Digital Marketing Techniques in Intellectual Big Data Analytics
  • Using Excel and Excel VBA for Preliminary Analysis in Big Data Research
  • Census Data Analysis and Visualization Using R Tool: A Case Study
  • Remote Patient Monitoring for Healthcare: A Big Challenge for Big Data
  • Credit Rating Forecasting Using Machine Learning Techniques
  • Analysis of Cutting-Edge Regression Algorithms Used for Data Analysis
  • Proactive Information Security Strategy for a Secure Business Environment
  • The Impact of Creating a Business Intelligence Platform on Higher Education: The Case of the American University in Cairo
  • Building an Analytics Culture to Boost a Data-Driven Entrepreneur's Business Model


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