Managing Global Supply Chain Relationships: Operations, Strategies and Practices

  • 11h 4m
  • Barbara Flynn, Jose Machuca, Michiya Morita
  • IGI Global
  • 2011

Recent news events related to quality in global supply chains have called attention to the need for more research on supply chains that operate in a global context. Indeed, it would be difficult to find a supply chain that does not cut across national boundaries at some point. The presence of global supply chains introduces a number of new management challenges.

Managing Global Supply Chain Relationships: Operations, Strategies and Practices focuses on issues related to relationships among members of global supply chains. This comprehensive work addresses three important aspects of global supply chain relationships: supply chain integration and collaboration; outsourcing and offshoring of production; and recent growth in supplier networks.

About the Editors

Barbara Flynn is the Richard M. and Myra Louise Buskirk Professor of Manufacturing Management at the Kelley School of Management, Indiana University. She received a D.B.A. in operations management from Indiana University, a M.B.A., with an emphasis in operations management and managerial economics, from Marquette University and a B.A. in psychology from Ripon College. Her previous academic appointments have been at Wake Forest University, Iowa State University and Louisiana State University. She is a Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute and recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the Decision Sciences Institute and the Distinguished Scholar Award from the Operations Management division of the Academy of Management. Dr. Flynn has received over $1 million in research funding from the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education and the Center for Innovation Management Studies. She is co-director of the High Performance Manufacturing research group, a joint project between Indiana University and the University of Minnesota, which studies the relationship between manufacturing practices and performance in various organizational and national cultures. Other research interests include global supply chain management, quality management, operations strategy, JIT and group technology. She has published articles in Management Science, Decision Sciences, Journal of Operations Management, International Journal of Operations Management and other leading journals, as well as a book and numerous book chapters. Dr. Flynn is former Editor-in-Chief and founding editor of Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, and former Editor-in-Chief of Quality Management Journal. She is an Associate Editor of Journal of Operations Management and Decision Sciences. She serves on the Editorial Review Board of International Journal of Applied Quality Management, Production and Operations Management, and Benchmarking for Quality Management and Technology. Dr. Flynn is a past President of the Decision Sciences Institute and has held leadership positions within the Decision Sciences Institute, Academy of Management, Institute for Management Sciences (TIMS) and American Production and Inventory Control Society. She previously served as Director of the Indiana University Center for International Business Education and Research. At Indiana University, Dr. Flynn teaches M.B.A. courses in project management, service operations management, and operations management.

Jose A. D. Machuca is Professor of Operations Management (University of Sevilla-Spain) and former Head of Department and Vice Dean. Vicepresident Europe of POMS and member of the EurOMA Board. Coordinator of the European Thematic Network for the Excellence in Operations and Supply Chain Management Education, Research and Practice (Thenexom). Director of 3 European Projects and 9 National Projects. Editorial Advisory Board of JOM and IJOPM. Editorial Review Board of POM and IJMTM. Author/coauthor of 8 books; editor/coeditor of 8 Journal Special Issues, more than 50 articles and 60 book chapters. Publications in: JOM, POM, IJOPM, IJPE, IJPR, HBR and SDR. 2001 Wickham Skinner Award (POMS); Nomination 2001 European IST Prize; 2002 MED-Academy of Management AEDEM Award in Management Education; Honorable Mention 2002 Instructional Innovation Award (DSI); 2003 POMS Best Case International Award; 2005 Business Week/ ECCH European Best (OM) Case Award; Honorary Doctorate (Universidad Privada del Norte-Perú); 2009 Research Award-Ibn Al Jatib; 2009 FAMA University of Sevilla Research Award; Outstanding Professor University of Sevilla.

In this Book

  • Preparing for the Worst—Sustaining Suppliers Though the Economic Crisis
  • Supplier Integration in the Chinese Automotive Industry
  • Control Model for Intelligent and Demand-Driven Supply Chains
  • Investment in Transaction-Specific Assets and Opportunistic Behavior in a Chinese Supply Chain
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Global Supply Chain Integration
  • Integration in Global Supply Chains
  • Internal Supply Chain Integration—Effective Integration Strategies in the Global Context
  • Developing Angles of Integration—On the Alignment of Internet-Based Information Technology and Supply Chain Integration
  • Effect of Customer Power on Supply Chain Integration and Performance
  • Offshoring Process—A Comparative Investigation of Danish and Japanese Manufacturing Companies
  • Impact of Strategic Outsourcing on Operational Control
  • A Multi-Agent Approach to Allocate Orders to Distribution Centres in a Highly Dynamic Environment
  • Proposed Framework for Research in the Triple A (Agility, Adaptability, Alignment) in Supply Chains
  • Network Marketing and Supply Chain Management for Effective Operations Management
  • Collaborative Relationship in a Global Supply Network
  • Compilation of References