Married to the Brand: Why Consumers Bond With Some Brands for Life

  • 2h 5m
  • William J. McEwen
  • Gallup Press
  • 2005

Although American companies spend a staggering $500 billion on advertising annually, many fail to establish an emotional connection with consumers. Married to the Brand examines why some companies develop this most desirable consumer connection, and why others don't. Using Gallup's 60 years of global consumer data and tons of consumer stories, William McEwen shows that many marketers are great at wooing a "first date" with consumers, but only the best can create a lasting marriage between buyer and brand. The book explores how emotions such as confidence, integrity, pride, and passion can make consumers want to stand by a brand, and shows how skillful brand management can keep a consumer-brand marriage fresh and satisfying. Tools to rate Engagement Potential and Customer Engagement are also provided, allowing marketers to quickly and objectively rate their own brand's performance.

In this Book

  • Married To The Brand—Why Consumers Bond With Some Brands for Life
  • Introduction
  • A Pathway To Brand Passion
  • Why Consumers Marry Brands
  • Brand Relationships—Why Companies Should Care
  • Brand Encounters—Connecting With Consumers
  • Beginning A Lasting Relationship
  • Five Ps— Tools For The Brand-Building Trades
  • The Brand Marriage— Winning Hearts and Minds
  • Keeping The Brand Marriage Vows Part 1—Brand Confidence
  • Keeping The Brand Marriage Vows Part 2— Brand Integrity
  • Building On The Foundation—Brand Pride
  • The Emotional Pinnacle—Brand Passion
  • Brand Marriages and the Engagement Imperative
  • The Value Of A Healthy Brand Marriage
  • Brand Marriage Management
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