Materials Experience: Fundamentals of Materials and Design

  • 7h 49m
  • Elvin Karana, Owain Pedgley, Valentina Rognoli
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2014

There currently exists an abundance of materials selection advice for designers suited to solving technical product requirements. In contrast, a stark gap can be found in current literature that articulates the very real personal, social, cultural and economic connections between materials and the design of the material world. In Materials Experience: fundamentals of materials and design, thirty-four of the leading academicians and experts, alongside 8 professional designers, have come together for the first time to offer their expertise and insights on a number of topics common to materials and product design. The result is a very readable and varied panorama on the world of materials and product design as it currently stands.

  • Contributions by many of the most prominent materials experts and designers in the field today, with a foreword by Mike Ashby.
  • The book is organized into 4 main themes: sustainability, user interaction, technology and selection.
  • Between chapters, you will find the results of interviews conducted with internationally known designers. These 'designer perspectives' will provide a 'time out' from the academic articles, with emphasis placed on fascinating insights, product examples and visuals.

About the Authors

Elvin Karana is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) at Delft University of Technology (DUT), The Netherlands. She obtained her Bachelor and Master degrees from the Department of Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University (METU), in Ankara. She undertook her PhD research at DUT, where she developed a ‘Meaning Driven Materials Selection Tool’ to support designers in their materials selection activities. Some of her major publications can be found in Materials and Design journal, International Journal of Design and Journal of Cleaner Production. Elvin is one of the founders of the Natural Fibre Composites Design Platform in The Netherlands. She is also the developer and Coordinator of the materials library ‘Made Of.’ Within IDE at DUT, Her current research interests include ‘effective materials education in design’, ‘dynamic materials experiences’ and ‘designing with bio-based materials’.

Owain Pedgley is Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey. He undertakes research in the areas of materials and manufacturing for industrial design and user-product experiences, with a special emphasis on musician-instrument interaction. Owain is a partner in the musical instrument innovation project Cool Acoustics. He contributes to design education at bachelor, master and doctoral levels and is experienced in establishing and managing industrially collaborated projects with firms including Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte, Vestel and Kale. Prior to his academic career, Owain served three years as a product designer in the sports equipment sector.

Valentina Rognoli is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering "Giulio Natta" at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, where she conducts research in the field of materials and education. She teaches in the School of Design within Politecnico di Milano. After two years at Enzo Mari's studio in Milan, in 2000 Valentina started her academic activities focused on materials and their expressive-sensory dimension. In her PhD research she developed an ‘Expressive-Sensorial Atlas of Material’ as a tool to improve materials education in the field of design. Valentina also developed and coordinated ‘Materiali e Design’, the materials library of Politecnico di Milano. Her current research topics delve into materials and their relationship with innovation, emotions, and sustainability.

In this Book

  • Foreword—Materials Experience—Fundamentals of Materials and Design
  • Introduction to Materials Experience
  • Designing Material Experience
  • Sensing Materials—Exploring the Building Blocks for Experiential Design
  • Tactile Aesthetics of Materials and Design
  • The Sound and Taste of Materials
  • Manipulating the Material Code—The Transformation of Material Meaning in Contemporary Japanese Design
  • The Immaterial of Materials
  • Interview with Hella Jongerius
  • Interview with Ece Yalim
  • Materials and Social Sustainability
  • The “Material” Side of Design for Sustainability
  • Designing with Waste
  • Meaningful Stuff—Toward Longer Lasting Products
  • Toward a New Materials Aesthetic Based on Imperfection and Graceful Aging
  • Conception and Realization of a Sustainable Materials Library
  • Sustainable Multipurpose Materials for Design
  • Interview with Paolo Ulian
  • Interview with Piet Hein Eek
  • The Next Generation of Materials and Design
  • Nanomaterials in Design
  • Sensing and Energy Harvesting Novel Polymer Composites
  • Biomimetic Materials
  • Lightweight Materials, Lightweight Design?
  • Interview with Sam Hecht
  • Interview with Alberto Meda
  • Materials Driven Design
  • Interaction between Functional and Human-Centered Attributes in Materials Selection
  • Modeling Materials Technology and the Designers' Perceptual Span
  • From Stiffness of Iron—Carbon Diagrams to Weakness of Sensoriality—The Manifold Designerly Ways of Developing Engineering Competencies in Materials
  • The Concept—Context Approach to Learning Material Properties in Design(-Related) Education
  • Materials Selection for Product Experience—New Thinking, New Tools
  • Interview with Can Yalman
  • Interview with Dick Powell
  • Inspirational Resources for Materials and Design