MIT Sloan Management Review on Leadership Networking

  • 49m
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • 2019

What can your company do when a strategic alliance fails to live up to expectations? How can you maximize the impact of reconnecting with dormant contacts? What types of approaches are needed when partnering with government agencies, universities, and NGOs?

In this collection of articles from MIT Sloan Management Review, you'll learn

  • Five steps to get the most out of corporate partnerships.
  • How to revive dormant or inactive professional relationships.
  • How to form an effective partnership with a university.
  • Why it’s beneficial to collaborate with government and non-governmental organizations.
  • How to find the right people to establish cross-platform collaborations.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • How to Manage Alliances Strategically
  • How to Reconnect for Maximum Impact
  • Developing Successful Strategic Partnerships With Universities
  • Building Lasting Collaborations With Government and NGOs
  • The Ability to Navigate the In-Between Spaces


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