Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Improved Business Processes

  • 4h 10m
  • Maryam Ebrahimi
  • IGI Global
  • 2018

Companies are constantly faced with the need to grow and advance in order to compete with other corporations. The implementation of computer innovations allows for smoother transitions to adaptive changes through the use and understanding of analytical tools.

Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Improved Business Processes is a critical scholarly resource that examines the systems currently implemented in companies and how they can be upgraded and advanced through various computer design methods. Featuring coverage of a broad range of topics including scenario planning, casual modeling, and system dynamics, this publication is targeted toward researchers, professionals, and engineers searching for current research on corporate innovations created through computer design methods.

In this Book

  • Innovation Success Over Time of Alliances With Different Strategic and Cooperation Objectives
  • BDI Approach to Build a Single Agent of a Distributed Multi–Agent System
  • Scenario Planning for Technical Knowledge Development
  • Using Modeling and Simulation Techniques to Improve the Accountability and the Performance of Human Resource Management
  • Improve Center of Sterilized Material Performance: A Discrete Event Simulation Model
  • Capacity Decision in Emergency Hospital Operation Rooms: Sizing Using Simulation
  • Casual Modeling to Improve Customs Services in Iran: A System Dynamics Study
  • A Model for the Establishment and Development of Telework in Public Organizations: Using the System Dynamics Approach