Multi-Platform Advertising Strategies in the Global Marketplace

  • 6h 54m
  • Kenneth C. C. Yang
  • IGI Global
  • 2018

In todays multi-platform ecosystem, marketers rely on advertisements that can be accessed across multiple digital platforms to enhance audience engagement and outreach. Advertisers are exploring the global impacts of social and mobile media as part of this integrated approach.

Multi-Platform Advertising Strategies in the Global Marketplace examines the international diffusion of multi-platform advertising communication practices in an increasingly globalized economy. Featuring coverage on relevant areas including cross-media, digital marketing, and consumer behavior, this extensive publication is suitable for researchers, marketers, advertisers, and business professionals interested in the global impacts of multi-platform media on the advertising industry.

About the Author

Kenneth Yang is a Professor at the Department of Communication. His research focuses on new media and advertising, consumer behavior in East Asia, impacts of new media in Asia.

In this Book

  • Multi–Platform Advertising as a Global Phenomenon
  • The Dark Side of Multi–Platform Advertising in an Emerging Economy Context
  • Clients' Perception, Extent of Adoption, and Level of Satisfaction With Multi–Platform Advertising Media Strategies (MuPAMS): Among Business Organisations in Ibadan, South–Western Nigeria
  • Experiences in Multi–Platform Campaigns: Similarities Between Game Engagement and Advertising Engagement in Virtual Reality
  • Mobile Devices and Advertising: Perceptions and Opportunities
  • Storytelling in Cross–Media Advertising
  • Understanding How Mexican and U.S. Consumers Decide to Use Mobile Social Media: A Cross–National Qualitative Study
  • Applying Hybrid Interactive Rhetoric Engagement (H.I.R.E.) Concept to Study Digital Game Advertising: Theoretical and Methodological Implications
  • Attribution Modeling in Online Advertising
  • Differences Across Device Usage in Search Engine Advertising
  • A Comparative Study of Digital Game Curricula in Taiwan and United States: Implications for Educating Future Multi–Platform Advertising Industry
  • Emerging Agencies and Best Practices for Multi–Platform Advertising