On Leading in Times of Change

  • 2h 11m
  • Stephen Rush (ed)
  • Center for Creative Leadership
  • 2012

The ongoing state of many contemporary organizations is one of change. The pace and complexity of change contribute to intense emotions that play out both inside and outside organizations. The leader's challenge in dealing with change is to recognize and understand the patterns of response that people express as they learn their way through transition and to customize intervention strategies that help individuals move forward in the changing environment. This collection of sixteen pieces explores the important topic of leading through transition from a number of angles.

About the Editor

Stephen Rush is an editor in the Publications Group at the Center for Creative Leadership

In this Book

  • On Leading in Times of Change
  • Introduction
  • Leading Change—Adapting and Innovating in an Uncertain World
  • Adaptability—What It Takes to Be a Quick-Change Artist
  • Helping People Manage Transition
  • Leading Yourself Through Change
  • Change Factor—Making the Case for Executive Adaptability
  • Flexible Flyers—A Leader’s Framework for Developing Adaptability
  • Knowing Change Preferences Is a Boon for Leaders
  • Leading a Changing Workforce—Lessons from the U.S. Army
  • In Search of Authenticity—Now More Than Ever, Soft Skills Are Needed
  • The Luxury of Tough Times—Five Terrific Questions
  • Wired to Inspire—Leading Organizations Through Adversity
  • After the Storm—Leading in the Wake of a Crisis
  • Pressure Cooking—Real Leaders Thrive When the Chips Are Down
  • The Narrative Lens and Organizational Change
  • A Tale of Three Countries Offers Valuable Knowledge
  • A Kinder, Gentler, and Better Way to Downsize