Practical MongoDB: Architecting, Developing, and Administering MongoDB

  • 3h 57m
  • Navin Sabharwal, Shakuntala Gupta Edward
  • Apress
  • 2015

Practical Guide to MongoDB: Architecting, Developing, and Administering MongoDB begins with a short introduction to the basics of NoSQL databases and then introduces readers to MongoDB—the leading document based NoSQL database, acquainting them step-by-step with all aspects of MongoDB.

Practical Guide to MongoDB covers the data model, underlying architecture, coding with Mongo Shell, and administrating the MongoDB platform, among other topics. The book also provides clear guidelines and practical examples for architecting, developing, and deploying applications using the MongoDB platform. Database developers, architects, and administrators will find useful information covering all aspects of the MongoDB platform and how to put it to use practically.

The "one-size-fits-all" thinking regarding traditional RDBMSs has been challenged in the last few years by the emergence of diversified NoSQL databases. More than 120 NoSQL databases are now available in the market, and the leader by far is MongoDB. With so many companies opting for MongoDB as their NoSQL database of choice, there's a need for a practical how-to combined with expert advice for getting the most out of the software.

Practical Guide to MongoDB provides readers with:

  • A solid understanding of NoSQL databases
  • An understanding of how to get started with MongoDB
  • Methodical coverage of the architecture, development, and administration of MongoDB
  • A plethora of "How to’s" enabling you to use the technology most efficiently to solve the problems you face

What you’ll learn

  • A guide for people to understand about NoSQL and the document-based database MongoDB, and how they differ from the traditional RDBMS
  • Provides insight on architecting solutions using MongoDB
  • Provides information on the limitations of MongoDB as a Big Data platform
  • Methodically covers architecture, development, administration and data model of MongoDB
  • Cites examples in order to make the users comfortable in getting started with MongoDB

Who this book is for

Practical Guide to MongoDB will be of interest to programmers, Big Data architects, application architects, technology enthusiasts, students, and solution experts.

About the Author

Shakuntala Gupta Edward has been working with database technologies for 11 years. She is an expert in SQL Server, Oracle databases, analytics platforms, and big data technologies like MongoDB, Cassandra, and SAP HANA. In addition, Shakuntala is an accomplished architect with experience in leveraging diverse database technologies to create products and solutions in various business domains. She holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications.

Navin Sabharwal is an innovator, thought leader, author, and consultant in the areas of reporting and Analytics, RDBMS technologies including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, big data technologies, Hadoop, MongoDB, and SAP HANA. Navin has been using big data technologies in creating products and services in the areas of IT service management, product development, cloud computing, cloud lifecycle management, and social network product development. He has created niche award-winning products and solutions and has filed numerous patents in diverse fields such as IT services, assessment engines, ranking algorithms, capacity planning engines, and knowledge management. Navin holds a Master’s in Information Technology and is a Certified Project Management Professional.

In this Book

  • Big Data
  • NoSQL
  • Introducing MongoDB
  • The MongoDB Data Model
  • MongoDB - Installation and Configuration
  • Using MongoDB Shell
  • MongoDB Architecture
  • MongoDB Explained
  • Administering MongoDB
  • MongoDB Use Cases
  • MongoDB Limitations
  • MongoDB Best Practices