Predictive HR Analytics: Mastering the HR Metric, Second Edition

  • 7h 42m
  • Kirsten Edwards, Martin R. Edwards
  • Kogan Page
  • 2019

HR metrics and organizational people-related data are an invaluable source of information from which to identify key trends and patterns in order to make effective business decisions. HR practitioners often, however, lack the statistical and analytical know-how to fully harness their potential. Predictive HR Analytics provides a clear, accessible framework with which to understand and work with people analytics and advanced statistical techniques. Step-by-step and by using worked examples, this book shows readers how to carry out and interpret analyses of various forms of HR data, such as employee engagement, performance and turnover, using the statistical packages SPSS (with R syntax provided), and, importantly, how to use the results to enable practitioners to develop effective evidence-based HR strategies.

This second edition of Predictive HR Analytics has been updated to include new material on machine learning, biased algorithms, data protection and GDPR considerations, a new example using Kaplan Meier Survival analyses for tenure/turnover modelling and updated screenshots and examples with SPSS version 25. It is supported by a new appendix showing main R coding for the focal analyses approaches in the book, and online resources consisting of SPSS and Excel data sets and R syntax with worked case study examples.

About the Authors

Dr Martin R. Edwards is reader in HRM and Organizational Psychology at King's Business School, King's College London. He has taught statistics to undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students for over 15 years and also teaches HR analytics to MSc students. As an HR consultant, he has delivered HR-analytic workshops to FTSE-100 companies.

Kirsten Edwards is Head of Analytics at Empathix Ltd and has over 20 years' broad, international experience in analytics, HR and management consulting. She has close academic links with Kent Business School and King's Business School, where she is a visiting lecturer.

In this Book

  • Understanding HR Analytics
  • HR Information Systems and Data
  • Analysis Strategies
  • Case Study 1—Diversity Analytics
  • Case Study 2—Employee Attitude Surveys – Engagement and Workforce Perceptions
  • Case Study 3—Predicting Employee Turnover
  • Case Study 4—Predicting Employee Performance
  • Case Study 5—Recruitment and Selection Analytics
  • Case Study 6—Monitoring the Impact of Interventions
  • Business Applications—Scenario Modelling and Business Cases
  • More Advanced HR Analytic Techniques
  • Reflection on HR Analytics—Usage, Ethics and Limitations