Pro Perl Debugging: From Professional to Expert

  • 4h 44m
  • Andy Lester, Richard Foley
  • Apress
  • 2005

Combining the best features of C, UNIX utilities, and regular expressions, Perl has grown as one of the most powerful and popular scripting languages. The valuable Perl is often used for system administration, text processing and Web programming. It is even being used for more exotic areas, like bioinformatics. Perl is supported by all of the most prominent operating systems, including Windows, Unix, OS/2, Amiga, and others.

Pro Perl Debugging steps in to help resolve the dilemma of application testing and debugging—one of the biggest time commitments in a programmer’s daily routine. What this book will do is rescue you from substandard application testing practices. The book commences with several chapters that overview the debugger’s basic features, then covers common debugging scenarios. The concluding portion examines debugger customization, alternative debugging utilities, and debugging best practices.

About the Authors

Richard Foley is a professional contract Perl and Oracle developer working out of Munich, Germany. His work has involved online military aircraft and satellite documentation projects, airline booking system testing, investment bank feed and database processing, code analysis, and optimization.

Richard has worked with the Perl community for a number of years. Alongside submitting patches to the Perl source distribution, and being a CPAN module author, he is a member of the YAPC: Europe committee.

Andy Lester has been a professional programmer for nineteen years and a Perl evangelist for a decade. As one of the core Perl developers, Andy's interests are focused on quality assurance—he maintains eight testing modules on the CPAN, as well as the Perl QA website.

Andy is a frequent speaker at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, YAPC, and at Perl Monger meetings around the country. He's spoken around the United States on a variety of programming topics including automated testing, Perl security, web agent automation, project management, and effective job searching for programmers.

Andy has written or edited for a dozen books. Three of the articles on his popular WWW: Mechanize module are included in O'Reilly's "Spidering Hacks." Andy has also written articles for every single Perl magazine published in the United States (both of them).

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Inspecting Variables and Getting Help
  • Controlling Program Execution
  • Debugging a Simple Command Line Program
  • Tracing Execution
  • Debugging Modules
  • Debugging Object-Oriented Perl
  • Using the Debugger As a Shell
  • Debugging a CGI Program
  • Perl Threads and Forked Processes
  • Debugging Regular Expressions
  • Debugger Customization
  • Optimization and Performance Hints and Tips
  • Command Line and GUI Debuggers
  • Comprehensive Command Reference
  • Book References and URLs