Professional Hadoop Solutions

  • 8h 2m
  • Alexey Yakubovich, Boris Lublinsky, Kevin T. Smith
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2013

Today's enterprise architects need to understand how the Hadoop frameworks and APIs fit together, and how they can be integrated to deliver real-world solutions. This book is a practical, detailed guide to building and implementing those solutions, with code-level instruction in the popular Wrox tradition. It covers storing data with HDFS and Hbase, processing data with MapReduce, and automating data processing with Oozie. Hadoop security, running Hadoop with Amazon Web Services, best practices, and automating Hadoop processes in real time are also covered in depth.

With in-depth code examples in Java and XML and the latest on recent additions to the Hadoop ecosystem, this complete resource also covers the use of APIs, exposing their inner workings and allowing architects and developers to better leverage and customize them.

  • The ultimate guide for developers, designers, and architects who need to build and deploy Hadoop applications
  • Covers storing and processing data with various technologies, automating data processing, Hadoop security, and delivering real-time solutions
  • Includes detailed, real-world examples and code-level guidelines
  • Explains when, why, and how to use these tools effectively
  • Written by a team of Hadoop experts in the programmer-to-programmer Wrox style

Professional Hadoop Solutions is the reference enterprise architects and developers need to maximize the power of Hadoop.

About the Authors

Boris Lublinsky is principal architect at Nokia and an author of more than 70 publications, including Applied SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture and Design Strategies.

Kevin T. Smith is Director of Technology Solutions for the AMS division of Novetta Solutions, where he builds highly secure, data-oriented solutions for customers.

Alexey Yakubovich is a system architect at Hortonworks and a member of the Object Management Group SIG on SOA governance and model-driven architecture.

In this Book

  • Big Data and the Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Storing Data in Hadoop
  • Processing Your Data with MapReduce
  • Customizing MapReduce Execution
  • Building Reliable MapReduce Apps
  • Automating Data Processing with Oozie
  • Using Oozie
  • Advanced Oozie Features
  • Real-Time Hadoop
  • Hadoop Security
  • Running Hadoop Applications on AWS
  • Building Enterprise Security Solutions for Hadoop Implementations
  • Hadoop's Future


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