Routing Protocols and Architectural Solutions for Optimal Wireless Networks and Security

  • 5h 37m
  • Dharm Singh
  • IGI Global
  • 2017

Networking capabilities have been significantly enhanced in recent years. With emerging advancements in technology, wireless communication has increased exponentially.

Routing Protocols and Architectural Solutions for Optimal Wireless Networks and Security is a comprehensive resource on the latest technological advancements in designing secure wireless networks and secure transmission of data, voice and video over wireless networks and other innovations. Featuring comprehensive coverage across a range of relevant topics such as network planning, radio resource allocation, and broadband wireless networks, this publication is an ideal reference source for network designers, industries, researchers, educators, and governments who are involved in designing and implementing security and wireless networks and applications.

About the Author

Dharm Singh, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, India.

In this Book

  • A Framework for Evaluation of Video Quality of Service in Wireless Networks
  • Dual Scrambled Image Watermarking Algorithm in DWT-SVD Composite Domain
  • Mobile Security: Attacks and Prevention - Security in Mobile Communication
  • Mobile Networks and Indian Agricultural Sector
  • Wireless Networks: Greedy Routing in Vehicular Area Networks
  • Direction-Aware Routing Protocol for Delay-Tolerant Network: Architecture, Design, and Implementation
  • A Review of Trust Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • A Logistic-Map-Based PN Sequence for Stochastic Wireless Channels
  • Sensing and Performance Issues with Reconfigurable Wireless Transceiver
  • Wireless Sensor Networks Localization
  • Self-Organizing Network Solutions: A Principal Step Towards Real 4G and Beyond