Selling Through Someone Else: How to Use Agile Sales Networks and Partners to Sell More

  • 5h 31m
  • Michael Heald, Naveen Jain, Robert Wolland
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2013

Selling Through Someone Else tackles new opportunities to drive company growth by taking a fresh look at the customer smart distribution and sales process. The authors, from Accenture, one of the world's largest consulting companies, explain how companies can be smarter about what their customers truly want and maximize the return on investment from all available resources for growth opportunities by exploring creative distribution options, including leveraging partners, online outlets, iPads/tablets, your traditional sales force, and more.

Selling Through Someone Else demonstrates that traditional approaches are no longer effective and how, by capitalizing on converging forces, companies can transform their "sales" approaches to grow revenue, and enhance customer and brand loyalty.

  • Explores how globalization, new competitors, and low-cost threats are reshaping the way sales is happening today, and how to prepare your company to be successful in this new dynamic and iterative selling model
  • Shows how analytics, the shift to digital selling and mobile sales tools, and new approaches to sales operations can reshape the entire sales function
  • Demonstrates how new ecosystems of partners are created, managed, and incented to drive greater sales and profitability

Accenture has helped numerous clients collaborate across IT, Sales, and Marketing to dramatically grow distribution and adapt to the different "playing field" of today. Selling through Someone Else applies the trends and lessons learned from Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies to mid-sized enterprises and small-medium businesses owners.

About the Authors

ROBERT WOLLAN is the Global Managing Director of Accenture's Management Consulting Customer Relationship Management practice. He leads a global team of professionals skilled in customer-centric marketing, sales, service, and customer operations, and drives major growth areas across the industries Accenture serves globally. Robert holds seven patents for innovations in customer relationship management. He coauthored The Social Media Management Handbook, a practical guide to implementing key social media strategies and achieving business goals.

NAVEEN JAINIS the Managing Director of Accenture's Management Consulting – CRM Sales Transformation practice. His teams help increase sales organization productivity and effectiveness and provide strategic insights, functional expertise, and global implementation skills to help clients maximize profitability by transforming customer relationships across all of the industries Accenture serves globally.

MICHAEL HEALD is the Managing Director of Accenture's Communications, Media, and Technology Sector, Management Consulting West practice. His teams focus on the unique and dynamic needs of communications, media, and technology companies, including how to deliver greater results from sales forces and sales channel partners. Formerly holding executive positions in the industry, he brings personal experience in both change and operations.

In this Book

  • Selling Through Someone Else—How to Use Agile Sales Networks and Partners to Sell More
  • Preface
  • Why It’s Time to Change Selling—Your Sales Model Is Broken
  • The Solution—Agile Selling—Growth Can Come from Investing in Your “Selling Force,” Not Just Your “Sales Force”
  • The Agile Sales and Distribution Ecosystem
  • Time for a Refresh—The Updated Sales Strategy
  • Looking for Channel-Selling Innovation? Four Industries That Stand Out
  • Advanced Strategies for Customer Targeting and Lead Generation
  • A Renewed Focus on the Differentiated Customer Buying Experience
  • Price Strategies in a Multichannel World
  • Bringing Science to Selling
  • Incentives That Drive Performance—Motivating the Right Behaviors with the Right Sales and Marketing Incentives to Optimize ROI
  • Joint Initiatives—A Step Change for Sales Collaboration
  • A New Look at an Old Problem—Selling to Small- and Medium-Size Businesses
  • Using Social Media to Engage Buyers, Empower Sellers, and Reinvent the Sales Process
  • Around the Block or Around the World—How to Enter New, Global Markets
  • The CIO Sales Agenda—How to Build an Advanced Sales and Distribution IT Infrastructure
  • Tablets, Smartphones, and Apps—The Importance of a Clear, Standardized Mobility Strategy
  • New Rules for Tools and IT Infrastructure—The Cloud and Agile Tools, Processes, and Systems
  • Profiling and Shaping a High-Performance Sales Force
  • Notes


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