Semiconductor Electrochemistry, 2nd Edition

  • 8h 26m
  • Rüdiger Memming
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2015

Providing both an introduction and an up-to-date survey of the entire field, this text captivates the reader with its clear style and inspiring, yet solid presentation. The significantly expanded second edition of this milestone work is supplemented by a completely new chapter on the hot topic of nanoparticles and includes the latest insights into the deposition of dye layers on semiconductor electrodes. In his monograph, the acknowledged expert Professor Memming primarily addresses physical and electrochemists, but materials scientists, physicists, and engineers dealing with semiconductor technology and its applications will also benefit greatly from the contents.

About the Author

After gaining his doctorate in Stuttgart, Rüdiger Memming spent three years as a post-doctorate fellow under Prof. Livingston at the School of Chemistry, University of Minnesota, USA, before joining Philips in 1960, where he worked at their research laboratories in Hamburg. In 1974 he gained his lecturing qualification in physical chemistry at Hamburg University, where he remained as professor until his retirement in 1994. From 1987 to 1994 he also headed the newly founded Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hanover, and was awarded grants to research at several institutes in Japan and the USA. Professor Memming lives in Hamburg where he still actively participates in discussions surrounding semiconductor electrochemistry.

In this Book

  • Principles of Semiconductor Physics
  • Semiconductor Surfaces and Solid-Solid Junctions
  • Electrochemical Systems
  • Experimental Techniques
  • Solid-Liquid Interface
  • Electron Transfer Theories
  • Charge Transfer Processes at the Semiconductor–Liquid Interface
  • Electrochemical Decomposition of Semiconductors
  • Photoreactions at Semiconductor Particles
  • Electron Transfer Processes between Excited Molecules and Semiconductor Electrodes
  • Applications
  • References