Simplified TRIZ: New Problem Solving Applications for Engineers and Manufacturing Professionals

  • 4h 8m
  • Ellen Domb, Kalevi Rantanen
  • CRC Press
  • 2002

As customers and shareholders demand better products faster, more pressure is felt by technical professionals to develop it now and develop it right the first time. Considered the breakthrough design and inventive problem-solving approach of the past 100 years, TRIZ is a unique, algorithmic approach to problem solving that allows engineers, planners and managers to formulate the best possible solutions for technical systems problems and predict future product needs based on technology evolution and competitive advantages.

Developed in Russia, the popularity of TRIZ is now spreading to Europe, the United States, and Japan, but until now no comprehensive, comprehensible treatment of the topic has been available in English. Simplified TRIZ: New Problem Solving Applications for Engineers and Manufacturing Professionals not only demystifies TRIZ, but it also shows how it can be used in new ways to enhance Six Sigma, Constraints Management, Supply Chain Management, QFD, and Taguchi methods to gain innovative and technological competitive advantages.

This practical how-to guide teaches you how to solve problems creatively, and more importantly, shows you how to find and foresee the evolution of problems in the future. It provides many exercises, worksheets, and tables to further illustrate the concepts of this multinational method. Implement the same problem-solving tool that many Fortune 500 companies are already using with Simplified TRIZ.

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In this Book

  • Why do People Seek New Ways to Solve Problems?
  • Constructing the New Model for Problem Solving: Moving From the Problem to the Ideal Final Result
  • Clarify the Tradeoff Behind a Problem
  • Moving From Tradeoff to Inherent Contradiction
  • Mapping of Invisible Reserves
  • The Impossible Often is Possible: How to Increase the Ideality of the System
  • How to Separate the Best From the Rest: A Simple and Effective Tool for Evaluation of Solutions
  • Enriching the Model for Problem Solving
  • Patterns are Powerful Tools for System Development
  • Principles for Innovation: 40 Ways to Create Good Solutions
  • Evaluation of the Model for Problem Solving
  • How to Improve Business with TRIZ
  • Using TRIZ with the Theory of Constraints
  • Using TRIZ with Six Sigma and Other Quality Improvement Systems
  • Book Summary: Creative Problem Solving in a Nutshell
  • Get Started


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