Simply A Great Manager: The 15 Fundamentals Of Being A Successful Manager

  • 1h 28m
  • Michael Hoyle, Peter Newman
  • Cyan Communications Ltd.
  • 2008

Like many things in life, becoming a great manager is in fact a simple process—if only we knew how and changed our current habits. The authors in this book have identified 15 fundamental principles that are exhibited by great managers and which can easily be followed by mere mortals when they have something or somebody to manage. These fundamentals derive from the real experience of successful managers. One by one, the fundamentals are described and illustrative examples given of their use, especially in relation to what great managers do and importantly what bad managers fail to do. The objective is to give the reader a clear understanding of the meaning and importance of each fundamental. Stories, proverbs and aphorisms that will help the reader remember and apply these fundamentals are also included.

About the Authors

MICHAEL HOYLE has over thirty years’ experience of advising managers and investors on organisational and business problems. His clients include leading international companies, banks, UK and foreign ministries, and international agencies. He is a Fellow of both the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Management Consultancy, and holds degrees from the University of London, the University of Chicago and the London School of Economics.

PETER NEWMAN has been a manager, a consultant and a teacher. Educated at McGill University and the Ivy Business School at the University of Western Ontario, he has taught business strategy, marketing, consumer behaviour and interpersonal skills to middle and senior managers as well as undergraduates at the University of Surrey. He has worked in the banking, retailing, manufacturing and transport sectors and gained experience that extends from shop-floor operations to management development and training.

In this Book

  • Simply A Great Manager—The 15 Fundamentals Of Being A Successful Manager
  • Warning to Readers
  • Preface
  • Managers and Managing
  • The Virtues of Great Managers
  • The Virtues for Managing in Action
  • What Next?
  • Notes
  • Sources
  • Appendix—Self-Assessment Forms