SQL for eServer i5 and iSeries

  • 4h 26m
  • Kevin Forsythe
  • MC Press, LLC.
  • 2004

In this book, you will learn about Structured Query Language (SQL), but with an IBM eServer i5/iSeries twist. The future seems clear on this point: SQL is the direction of the future for IBM's Universal Database. While it is true that the majority of existing databases on the i5 and iSeries were created with DDS, it's still undeniable that DDS will slowly fade from use, much like the RPG program cycle.

With a practical "how-to" style, SQL for eServer i5 and iSeries first introduces you to the basics essential for any developer to build a solid foundation. Then the book examines--in detail--the many ways in which SQL functions on the iSeries. All possible environments are explored: the traditional 5250 green-screen applications, the SQL scripting tool within iSeries Navigator, and the methods of accessing iSeries databases from within Visual Basic.

Learn through real-life examples of using SQL to interact with DB2 databases. You'll learn the ins and outs of sub-selects, joins, unions, and views, as well as tips and techniques for interacting with legacy applications, and so much more. Though intended for programmers already familiar with SQL, beginners will appreciate the book's handy tutorial Appendix to get started with SQL basics.

After reading this book, you'll see that the i5/iSeries platform is far more than the green-screen application server it's often perceived as and that it is indeed one of the finest systems available for use as a business server today. Make your database access cutting-edge with SQL for eServer i5 and iSeries.

In this book you will learn to:

  • Incorporate SQL into existing iSeries business and client-side applications
  • Embed SQL within RPG programs, merging the flexibility of SQL with the power of RPG
  • Implement referential constraints, primary and unique key indexes, and check constraints
  • Journal physical files, and find out why this task is so important
  • Extend your database with user-defined functions and procedures
  • Use new GUI development tools for running, debugging, and tuning SQL statements

About the Author

Kevin Forsythe has over 19 years of experience on the iSeries and other platforms as programmer, analyst, consultant, and instructor. He blends a wide range of experiences with a passion for teaching and is the author of numerous articles. Kevin has developed AS/Credentials Courses for Interactive SQL and Embedded SQL. He is a frequent and award-winning speaker at COMMON conferences and other iSeries user conferences.

In this Book

  • Interactive SQLs
  • SQL in iSeries Navigator
  • Embedded SQL
  • Advanced SQL Examples
  • Optimizing SQL
  • Creating Database Objects
  • Creating Functions
  • Creating Stored Procedures
  • Creating SQL-Based Tools
  • Using SQL from Within Microsoft Office