Structural Steel Designer's Handbook, Fifth Edition

  • 19h 25m
  • Frederick S. Merritt (eds), Roger L. Brockenbrough
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2011

A Complete and Current Guide to Structural Steel Design

Fully updated with the most recent design codes, standards, and specifications, Structural Steel Designer's Handbook, Fifth Edition, provides a convenient, single source of the latest information essential to the practical design of steel structures.

This comprehensive volume begins by covering the properties of structural steel and the fundamentals of fabrication and erection. Modern structural design methods applicable to buildings and other structures, such as roof systems and various types of bridges, are presented. Details on the design of members—beams, columns, and tension components—and of bolted and welded connections are also covered. Featuring contributions from renowned engineering experts, this is an invaluable working tool for structural steel designers.

Based on the latest design standards, codes, and specifications:

  • ANSI/AISC 360-10—unified LRFD and ASD specification
  • ANSI/AISI S100—unified specification for cold-formed members
  • SEI/ASCE 7-10 wind, seismic, and live loads, consolidated into the International Code Council (ICC) International Building Code (IBC)
  • AASHTO highway bridge design standards
  • ASTM material standards
  • AREMA railroad bridge design specifications

Coverage Includes:

  • Properties of structural steels and effects of steel-making and fabrication
  • Fabrication and erection
  • Connections
  • Building codes, loads, and fire protection
  • Criteria for building design
  • Design of building members
  • Floor and roof systems
  • Lateral-force design
  • Cold-formed steel design
  • Highway bridge design criteria
  • Railroad bridge design criteria
  • Beam and girder bridges
  • Truss bridges
  • Arch bridges
  • Cable-suspended bridges

About the Editors

Roger Brockenbrough, P.E., is president of R. L. Brockenbrough & Associates, Inc. He was a senior research consultant for U.S. Steel, where he worked for 30 years until retiring. Mr. Brockenbrough is a member of AISC and ASTM, and is an ASCE Fellow. He is the editor of Highway Engineering Handbook, now in its Third Edition, and a contributor to Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers, now in its Fifth Edition.

Frederick S. Merritt, P.E., (deceased) was a consulting engineer for many years with experience in building and bridge design, structural analysis, and construction management. A Fellow of ASCE and a Senior Member of ASTM, he was a senior editor of Engineering News-Record and author or editor of many books, including Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers, now in its Fifth Edition.

In this Book

  • Properties of Structural Steels and Effects of Steelmaking and Fabrication
  • Fabrication and Erection
  • Connections
  • Building Codes, Loads, and Fire Protection
  • Criteria for Building Design
  • Design of Building Members
  • Floor and Roof Systems
  • Lateral-Force Design
  • Cold-Formed Steel Design
  • Highway Bridge Design Criteria
  • Railroad Bridge Design Criteria
  • Beam and Girder Bridges
  • Truss Bridges
  • Arch Bridges
  • Cable-Suspended Bridges