Succeed as a New Manager: How To Inspire Your Team And Be A Great Boss

  • 59m
  • A&C Black
  • Bloomsbury Publishing LLC
  • 2006

It’s great to have a new challenge at work. Managing others, though, is a daunting new responsibility and can be tricky if you’re suddenly the boss of former colleagues or friends. Packed with practical advice, this book will help you sail through issues such as getting to know your team, dealing with internal politics, motivating others, and celebrating success.

In this Book

  • Succeed As A New Manager—How To Inspire Your Team And Be A Great Boss
  • How Do You Rate As A New Manager?
  • Settling Into Your New Job
  • Building Great Teams
  • Developing Your Leadership Skills
  • Communicating Assertively In The Workplace
  • Delegating Without Guilt
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback Positively
  • Fighting Back Against Information Overload
  • Building Your Network Of Contacts
  • Where To Find More Help