Supertraining: Using NLP to Improve your Training

  • 3h 39m
  • Ted Garratt
  • Bennion Kearny
  • 2018

Neuro-Linguistic Programming - commonly known as NLP - is a method of communication and engagement used widely in the world of business, sport, and personal-development training.

In SuperTraining, join one of the UK's leading trainers - Ted Garratt - as he covers more than 60 NLP techniques and approaches, including: Anchors, Reframing, Creating Rapport, Sleight of Mouth, Non-Verbal Communication, Future Pacing, Matching, and more. This book will help trainers to engage with, and develop, their participants better than ever before.

Designed to be a dip-in practical resource, rather than read cover to cover, this book will aid trainers and readers who have a rudimentary understanding of NLP, but it will also benefit complete novices who want to learn about NLP and how it can help them; instructions for implementing the various techniques, alongside case studies and key points, are all included.

This is a revisited edition of the original book - The Effective Delivery of Training Using N.L.P.: A Handbook of Tools, Techniques and Practical Exercises.

In this Book

  • Creating the Right Environment
  • Creating an Effective Personal State
  • Getting the Message Across
  • Being Flexible to Meet the Needs
  • Confirming the Learning