Sustainable Flow Chemistry: Methods and Applications

  • 6h 3m
  • Luigi Vaccaro
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2017

This ready reference not only presents the hot and emerging topic of modern flow chemistry, it is also unique in illustrating the important connection to sustainable chemistry.

Focusing on more sustainable methods and applications, the text extensively covers every important field from reaction time optimization to waste minimization, and from safety improvements to microwave applications. In addition, green metrics are presented as a key aspect of the book, helping readers to evaluate the efficiency of flow technologies and their impact on the overall efficiency of a chemical process.

An invaluable handbook for every chemist working in the laboratory, whether in academia or industry.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Flow Photochemistry – A Green Technology with a Bright Future
  • Continuous Flow Synthesis Using Recyclable Reaction Media
  • Synthesis and Application of H2O2 in Flow Reactors
  • Scale-up of Flow Processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Organic Synthesis in Flow—Toward Higher Levels of Sustainability
  • Sustainable Flow Chemistry in Drug Discovery
  • Flow Tools to Define Waste/Time/Energy-Minimized Protocols
  • The Application of Flow Chemistry in the Use of Highly Reactive Intermediates and Reagents
  • Nonconventional Techniques in Sustainable Flow Chemistry
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Flow Chemistry Processes
  • Solids in Continuous Flow Reactors for Specialty and Pharmaceutical Syntheses