System Verification: Proving the Design Solution Satisfies the Requirements, Second Edition

  • 7h 7m
  • Jeffrey O. Grady
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2016

System Verification: Proving the Design Solution Satisfies the Requirements, Second Edition explains how to determine what verification work must be done, how the total task can be broken down into verification tasks involving six straightforward methods, how to prepare a plan, procedure, and report for each of these tasks, and how to conduct an audit of the content of those reports for a particular product entity.

This process-centered book is applicable to engineering and computing projects of all kinds, and the lifecycle approach helps all stakeholders in the design process understand how the verification and validation stage is significant to them. In addition to many flowcharts that illustrate the verification procedures involved, the book also includes 14 verification form templates for use in practice.

The author draws on his experience of consulting for industry as well as lecturing to provide a uniquely practical and easy to use guide which is essential reading for systems and validation engineers, as well as everyone involved in the product design process.

  • Includes 14 real life templates for use in verification tasks
  • Explains concepts in the context of the entire design lifecycle, helping all project stakeholders engage
  • Contains a process-focused approach to design model verification that can be applied to all engineering design and software development projects

About the Author

Jeffrey O. Grady is the Owner of JOG System Engineering, a consulting and teaching company, and an Adjunct Professor at the University of California, San Diego. He was formerly the manager of systems development at GD Space Systems. He is the author of ten books in the systems engineering field. Jeff is an INCOSE Fellow, Founder, and ESEP. Jeff worked as an employee for Librascope, Ryan Aeronautical, General Dynamics Convair, and General Dynamics Space Systems. He has consulted in systems engineering for many companies, developing military and commercial products. He has taught hundreds of system engineering courses for universities, short course companies and for his own company.

In this Book

  • Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Glossary
  • Setting the Stage
  • Specifications and Their Content
  • Specification Section 3 Preparation
  • Specification Section 4 Preparation
  • Establishing and Maintaining Enterprise Readiness for Program Implementation of Verification
  • Verification Process Design for a Program
  • Parts, Materials, and Processes Verification
  • Item and Interface Qualification Verification
  • Item and Interface Acceptance Verification
  • System Test and Evaluation Verification
  • Enterprise Process Verification
  • Postscript