The AS/400 Programmer's Handbook, Volume II: More Toolbox Examples for Every AS/400 Programmer

  • 4h 43m
  • Mark McCall
  • MC Press, LLC.
  • 2000

This book and companion CD content contain more than 70 prototypical techniques and coding examples that you can use and adapt for hundreds of applications. From system APIs to SQL, the material presented encompasses the most useful and powerful features of the AS/400. As a programming tool or as a learning aid, this book is the first place to look for practical hands-on development assistance.

Working with this book will help you to:

  • Use modular coding techniques, including /Copy compiler directives, subroutines, dynamic subprograms, subprocedures, and service programs
  • Take advantage of RPG’s most useful built-in functions
  • Employ exit programs, including user profile monitoring, data transfer security, and job notification
  • Use APIs, including command execution and processing, retrieval APIs, list APIs, user space APIs, and ILE CEE APIs
  • Create database constraints, including check constraints, unique and primary key constraints, and referential integrity constraints
  • Use database trigger programs
  • Work with SQL, including logical views, selects, joins, summary, and embedded SQL

About the Author

Mark McCall has worked in all phases of information systems since 1984, from System/38 operator to vice president of information systems for a Fortune 500 corporation. Currently, he is an independent consultant specializing in client/server development and AS/400-centric solutions. He is also the author of the books 7 Client/Server Applications in Visual Basic and The AS/400 Programmer’s Handbook: A Toolbox for Every AS/400 Programmer. He is a frequent contributor and technical editor for Midrange Computing magazine.

In this Book

  • Modular Coding Techniques
  • Built-In Functions
  • Exit Programs
  • Application Programming Interfaces
  • Database Constraints
  • Database Triggers
  • Using SQL