The Contemporary CFO: How Finance Leaders Can Drive Business Transformation, Performance and Growth in a Connected World

  • 4h 46m
  • Michael Haupt
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

The digital revolution is changing our world and the fundamentals of business faster than anyone expected, and the responsibility for leading key aspects of enterprise-wide business transformation often falls to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

This book provides motivation and guidance for current and future finance leaders to navigate an increasingly unpredictable, dynamic, complex and connected world. As businesses are forced to change fundamentally or accept the reality of being left behind, the CFO has a particularly important part to play in preparing for this change - not only for their own function but for the business as a whole.

So what is the role of CFOs in delivering digital business transformation? What can they do to manage business resources and performance more dynamically? How can CFOs contribute to the creation and management of new business models, such as digital business platforms and ecosystems? And what can finance leaders do to enable sustainable growth and long-term multi-stakeholder value creation?

These and many more key questions are tackled in The Contemporary CFO, which draws on practical experience of transforming leading global businesses and on extensive, original research, including in-depth interviews with a wide range of corporate leaders. CFOs are used to managing change but delivering a complex business transformation on top of an already demanding role can be challenging. This essential guide includes the latest thinking, trends and perspectives to help finance leaders navigate the demands of the connected world successfully.

In this Book

  • Donations of Royalties and Disclaimer
  • Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Beyond Process Automation
  • Data, Data, Data
  • It’s all about People
  • The Engineer Perspective
  • Introduction
  • The Strategic Performance Dialogue
  • The Operational Performance Dialogue
  • Performance Culture
  • The Entrepreneur Perspective
  • Introduction
  • Digital Business Platforms
  • Digital Business Ecosystems
  • Multi-Stakeholder Value
  • The Economist Perspective
  • Bibliography