The Frontline CEO: Turn Employees into Decision Makers Who Innovate Solutions, Win Customers, and Boost Profits

  • 3h 23m
  • Eric Strafel
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2021

Today, the pace of change is so great that no company can afford to wait to respond to new developments. You need nimble and creative problem solving, and the most intelligent and efficient decision-making doesn’t come from the top―it comes from your employees on the front lines who interact with customers and can see and respond to the shifting landscape before anyone else.

The leaders whose organizations are best able to innovate solutions, win customers, and boost profits during this era of rapid change are the ones who realize that everyone―from the CEO down to the frontline employee―is a leader, capitalize on that knowledge, and use it to grow. In this book, Eric Strafel draws on 20 years of experience as a top executive at Fortune 500 companies to show you how to decentralize and democratize decision-making through every level of the workforce, while ensuring that the company stays aligned, that each employee understands the company’s underlying purpose, and that everyone works toward the same goal. Learn how to:

  • leverage frontline leadership to improve corporate agility
  • partner with customers and with frontline employees to maximize internal innovation and deliver solutions
  • cultivate a diverse, inclusive, and equitable culture that values each employee
  • create a highly engaged, empowered, and energized workforce in every department
  • equip the company to break through barriers, overcome plateaus, and scale

Effective leadership isn’t about what you can achieve―it’s about what you can help others achieve. Make the switch from an antiquated top-down leadership style to a flatter, more nimble system in which every employee behaves and is treated like a leader.

The Frontline CEO delivers the knowledge, strategies, and tactics you need to drive sustainable growth while creating a positive impact in the lives of your employees and community.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Lead from the Front Lines
  • Know Your Purpose and Live It
  • Practice Radical Transparency
  • Show That You Care
  • Maintain Alignment Through Change
  • Create a Learning Organization
  • Remove Complexity
  • Partner to Advance Together
  • Epilogue