Wine Tourism Around the World: Development, Management and Markets

  • 6h 21m
  • Brock Cambourne, C. Michael Hall, Liz Sharples, Niki Macionis (eds)
  • Taylor and Francis
  • 2000

Written for both students and practitioners in the tourism and hospitality fields, this book is an essential guide to understanding the global impacts of wine tourism and the consequent economic, social and environmental impacts and opportunities.

In this Book

  • Wine Tourism—An Introduction
  • The Maturing Wine Tourism Product—An International Overview
  • Wine Tourism in France—A Paradox?
  • Meeting the Wine-Maker—Wine Tourism Product Development in an Emerging Wine Region
  • Wine Routes in South Africa
  • Wine Tourism and Consumer Behaviour
  • Influences on Cellar Door Sales and Determinants of Wine Tourism Success—Results from Texas Wineries
  • Wine Tourism in New Zealand
  • Wine Tourism in the United Kingdom
  • Vasse Felix Winery Development
  • Wine Tourism and Regional Development
  • Towards a National Wine Tourism Plan—Wine Tourism Organizations and Development in Australia
  • The Northeast Wine Route—Wine Tourism in Ontario, Canada and New York State
  • Diversifying Wine Tourism Products—An Evaluation of Linkages between Wine and Cycle Tourism
  • Napa Valley, California—A Model of Wine Region Development
  • The Future of Wine Tourism
  • Bibliography