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Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016: Beginning Visio

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Microsoft Office 2016: Beginning Visio (12)
Getting Started with Visio 2016 Skillsoft Course mo_bevi_a01_dt_enus
Creating and Managing Diagrams In Visio 2016 Skillsoft Course mo_bevi_a02_dt_enus
Designing and Enhancing Diagrams in Visio 2016 Skillsoft Course mo_bevi_a03_dt_enus
Collaborating, Evaluating, and Saving Diagrams in Visio 2016 Skillsoft Course mo_bevi_a04_dt_enus
Visio 2016: Creating, Saving, & Sharing Documents (New) Skillsoft Course ds_msvi2016_02_enus
Visio 2016: Formatting & Structuring Documents (New) Skillsoft Course ds_msvi2016_03_enus
Visio 2016: Inserting & Formatting Text (New) Skillsoft Course ds_msvi2016_04_enus
Visio 2016: Inserting Shapes & Images (New) Skillsoft Course ds_msvi2016_05_enus
Visio 2016: Formatting & Organizing Shapes (New) Skillsoft Course ds_msvi2016_06_enus
Visio 2016: Adding Data to Diagrams (New) Skillsoft Course ds_msvi2016_07_enus
Visio 2016: Visualizing Data in Charts & Tables (New) Skillsoft Course ds_msvi2016_08_enus
Visio 2016: Creating Data Graphics & Reports (New) Skillsoft Course ds_msvi2016_09_enus