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Data Science

Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R

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Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R (9)
Getting Started with Microsoft R Skillsoft Course df_abdr_a01_it_enus
Packages and Data Types Skillsoft Course df_abdr_a02_it_enus
The R Language and Big Data Processing Skillsoft Course df_abdr_a03_it_enus
Importing and Manipulating Data Skillsoft Course df_abdr_a04_it_enus
Modifying and Summarizing Data Skillsoft Course df_abdr_a05_it_enus
Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics Skillsoft Course df_abdr_a06_it_enus
Regression Analysis Skillsoft Course df_abdr_a07_it_enus
Decision Tree and Classification Analysis Skillsoft Course df_abdr_a08_it_enus
Cluster Analysis and Ensemble Learning Skillsoft Course df_abdr_a09_it_enus

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