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PowerShell for Server 2016

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PowerShell for Server 2016 (14)
Introduction to PowerShell 5.0 Skillsoft Course os_psws_a01_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 Cmdlet Structure and Help Skillsoft Course os_psws_a02_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 Syntax, Help, and Conditionals Skillsoft Course os_psws_a03_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 Aliases, Providers, and Objects Skillsoft Course os_psws_a04_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 Remote Management Skillsoft Course os_psws_a05_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 Output Formatting, Modules, and Customization Skillsoft Course os_psws_a06_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 Configuration, Advanced Help, and Queries Skillsoft Course os_psws_a07_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 Desired State Configuration (DSC) Skillsoft Course os_psws_a08_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 Local Configuration Manager (LCM) Skillsoft Course os_psws_a09_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 DSC Resources Skillsoft Course os_psws_a10_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 DSC, Configurations, and Repositories Skillsoft Course os_psws_a11_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 Resource Creation and Configuration Skillsoft Course os_psws_a12_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 DSC and Azure Skillsoft Course os_psws_a13_it_enus
PowerShell 5.0 DSC with Linux and JEA Skillsoft Course os_psws_a14_it_enus