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Microsoft Azure HDInsight

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Microsoft Azure HDInsight (11)
Getting Started with Microsoft Azure HDInsight and Administering clusters Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a01_it_enus
Working with HDInsight Clusters Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a02_it_enus
Managing HDInsight Data, Jobs, and Security Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a03_it_enus
Batch Solutions with Hive and Apache Pig Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a04_it_enus
Operationalize and Design with Spark Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a05_it_enus
Interactive Queries with Spark SQL and Interactive Hive Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a06_it_enus
Data Analysis Using Spark SQL and Hive Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a07_it_enus
Interactive Processing using Apache Phoenix on HBase Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a08_it_enus
Create Spark Streaming Applications Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a09_it_enus
Develop Real-time Processing Solutions with Apache Storm Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a10_it_enus
Building Solutions using Kafka and HBase Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a11_it_enus

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