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Data Management

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Predictive Analytics (36)
Predictive Analytics & Big Data Skillsoft Course df_prma_a01_it_enus
Process & Application Skillsoft Course df_prma_a02_it_enus
Key Statistical Concepts Skillsoft Course df_prma_a03_it_enus
Correlation & Regression Skillsoft Course df_prma_a04_it_enus
Data Collection & Exploration Skillsoft Course df_prma_a05_it_enus
Data Mining, Data Distributions, & Hypothesis Testing Skillsoft Course df_prma_a06_it_enus
Data Preprocessing Skillsoft Course df_prma_a07_it_enus
Data Reduction & Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Skillsoft Course df_prma_a08_it_enus
K-Nearest Neighbor (k-NN) & Artificial Neural Networks Skillsoft Course df_prma_a09_it_enus
A/B Testing, Bayesian Networks, and Support Vector Machine Skillsoft Course df_prma_a10_it_enus
Clustering Techniques Skillsoft Course df_prma_a11_it_enus
Linear and Logistic Regression Skillsoft Course df_prma_a12_it_enus
Text Mining & Social Network Analysis Skillsoft Course df_prma_a13_it_enus
Time Series Modeling Skillsoft Course df_prma_a14_it_enus
Machine Learning, Propensity Score, & Segmentation Modeling Skillsoft Course df_prma_a15_it_enus
Random Forests & Uplift Models Skillsoft Course df_prma_a16_it_enus
Model Life Cycle Management Skillsoft Course df_prma_a17_it_enus
Model Development, Validation, & Evaluation Skillsoft Course df_prma_a18_it_enus

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Data Science

Data Science (10 new)
Cloud Data Science: Summarize Data with Azure Machine Learning Studio (New) Skillsoft Course it_dfpdsm_05_enus
Cloud Data Science: Transforming Data in Azure Machine Learning Studio (New) Skillsoft Course it_dfpdsm_07_enus
Cloud Data Science: Data Cleanup with Azure Machine Learning Studio (New) Skillsoft Course it_dfpdsm_06_enus
Building Solutions using Kafka and HBase (New) Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a11_it_enus
Cloud Data Science: Introduction to Azure Machine Learning (New) Skillsoft Course it_dfpdsm_01_enus
Cloud Data Science: Deploying Models with Azure Machine Learning Studio (New) Skillsoft Course it_dfpdsm_02_enus
Cloud Data Science: Consume Models and APIs Using Azure Machine Learning Studio (New) Skillsoft Course it_dfpdsm_03_enus
Cloud Data Science: Importing and Exporting in Azure Machine Learning Studio (New) Skillsoft Course it_dfpdsm_04_enus
Working with HDInsight Clusters (New) Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a02_it_enus
Create Spark Streaming Applications (New) Skillsoft Course df_mahd_a09_it_enus