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Tableau Desktop: Real Time Dashboards

Tableau Desktop: Real Time Dashboards

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To become a data science expert, you must master the art of data visualization. In this course you will explore how to create and use real time dashboards with Tableau.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Tableau Desktop: Real Time Dashboards

  • Course Overview
  • describe real time dashboards and the differences between real time and streaming data
  • identify the different cloud data sources that are available
  • build a dashboard
  • update your dashboard in real time
  • organize your dashboard by adding objects and adjusting the layout
  • customize and format different aspects of your dashboard
  • add interactivity to a dashboard using actions like filtering
  • create a Dashboard Starter to work with cloud data sources
  • add extensions to your dashboard such as the Tableau Extensions API
  • put dashboards into a story point
  • share your dashboard with others
  • create Dashboard Starter
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