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MongoDB for Data Wrangling: Querying

MongoDB for Data Wrangling: Querying

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MongoDB is a NoSQL database program that uses JSON-like documents with schemata and it has become a popular tool for data wrangling and data science. To carry out data wrangling tasks you need to gather, filter, modify, and query data. This course will show you how to perform MongoDB actions related to data wrangling using Python with the PyMongo library. You will learn about the concept of CRUD operations, query options for MongoDB, and then how to import and export data.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

MongoDB for Data Wrangling: Querying

  • Course Overview
  • configure and test PyMongo in a Python program
  • work with MongoDB document structure
  • perform create, read, update, and delete operations on a MongoDB document
  • work with MongoDB document ObjectIDs and Timestamps
  • use the find operation to select documents from a collection
  • specify the fields to be returned from the find operation
  • use the comparison query operators to match criteria
  • apply the $exists and $type elements to a query
  • use the $regex operator to query documents
  • use the $size and $all operators to query array fields
  • perform a text search query on string content
  • use the mongoimport tool to import from JSON and CSV
  • use the mongoexport tool to export data from MongoDB to JSON and CSV
  • combine a number of different operators to get a result from MongoDB
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