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Creating Data APIs Using Node.js

Creating Data APIs Using Node.js

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Explore how to create RESTful OAuth APIs using Node.js.

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Lesson Objectives

Creating Data APIs Using Node.js

  • identify and install the prerequisites to create an API using Node.js
  • build a RESTful API using Node.js and Express.js
  • build a RESTful API with OAuth in Node.js and describe what OAuth is and why it is required
  • create an HTTP server using Hapi.js
  • use modules in your API using Node.js
  • return data with JSON using Node.js
  • use nodemon for Development Workflow with Node.js
  • make HTTP requests with Node.js using request library
  • use POSTman to test your Node.js API
  • deploy your APIs with Node.js
  • connect to social media APIs with Node.js to return data
  • build a RESTful API for creating tasks in MongoDB that provides notifications on restart
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