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Truffle Suite: Using Drizzle to Build Decentralized Apps

Truffle Suite: Using Drizzle to Build Decentralized Apps

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Ethereum decentralized apps or dApps have a web UI with a smart contract at the back-end. Explore the integration of a Web UI with an Ethereum smart contract using React and then combining React with the Drizzle libraries.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Truffle Suite: Using Drizzle to Build Decentralized Apps

  • discover the subject areas covered in this course
  • create a template React application which you can extend to build your own web front-end
  • load a deployed smart contract into a React application using Web3
  • define a React application to make function calls to a deployed smart contract
  • import accounts from your Ganache network into MetaMask
  • invoke all operations in your React application to verify that they function as expected
  • install Drizzle and set up an application create a drizzle instance with your deployed smart contract
  • develop the top-level component of your drizzle application which includes several sub-components
  • call functions in your contract which return values and access and display those values on your web app
  • invoke transactions defined in your contract from your web application
  • trigger all the operations defined in your Drizzle web application
  • recall some of the Drizzle functions used to interact with a deployed contract
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