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Smart Contracts & Hyperledger Fabric: Hyperledger Composer Playground

Smart Contracts & Hyperledger Fabric: Hyperledger Composer Playground

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Explore the definition and testing of a blockchain app for recording transactions on supply chain assets using the business-level abstraction of Hyperledger Composer and the Composer Playground tool.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Smart Contracts & Hyperledger Fabric: Hyperledger Composer Playground

  • identify the subject areas covered in this course
  • connect to the cloud-based Hyperledger Composer environment and recognize the syntax of the CTO modeling language
  • recall the details required in the transaction processing script for a Hyperledger Composer network
  • identify the types of rules that can be defined in the access control list (ACL) for a Hyperledger Composer network
  • deploy a business blockchain network to a test environment on Hyperledger Composer Playground
  • use the Hyperledger Composer Playground tool to test different scenarios for a business blockchain network
  • identify the options and templates supplied by Hyperledger Composer Playground to build out business blockchain networks
  • define the assets, participants, and types of transactions and events that will be involved in a blockchain network for a supply chain
  • generate identities for different participants in a Hyperledger Composer network and create instances of assets and participants that will be involved in transactions
  • perform tests of the permissions defined in the ACL file of the Hyperledger Composer network and confirm the logic of the transactions
  • invoke transactions using the Hyperledger Composer Playground UI and confirm the permissions defined for the network
  • export the blockchain business network defined in Hyperledger Composer Playground, which can later be used to deploy the network to another Hyperledger Fabric network
  • list the definition files for a Hyperledger Composer blockchain application and connect to the test environment as an instance of a participant
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