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Deep Learning with Keras

Deep Learning with Keras

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Explore deep learning with Keras, including how to create and use neural networks with Keras.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Deep Learning with Keras

  • describe what neural networks are and their main components
  • describe Keras and its guiding principles
  • configure CNTK as your Keras backend
  • install and configure Keras
  • identify and work with both types of models available in Keras
  • recognize features of commonly used Keras layers and when to use them
  • use Keras to make regression classifications
  • use Keras to make image classifications
  • use Keras metrics to judge the performance of your model
  • use Jupyter Notebooks with Keras
  • download and load a dataset from MNIST or CIFAR-10
  • explore your dataset in Keras
  • prepare your data in Keras by defining your input and target tensors
  • compile the model in Keras
  • train and test your neural network
  • evaluate and score the performance of your neural network in Keras
  • make predictions using your dataset in Keras
  • use a neural network to make predictions
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