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Adobe Dreamweaver CC - Essentials

Target Audience
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This course introduces learners to the fundamentals of Adobe Dreamweaver CC including the interface, workspace, and creating sites. This course also covers how to work with images in Adobe Dreamweaver CC, including creating hot spots, adding and modifying images, creating rollover images, and using the image properties panel. Finally this course introduces some advanced features and options such as creating HTML files, attaching style sheets, using fluid grid layouts, adding video, and inserting JQuery widgets in Adobe Dreamweaver CC.

Target Audience
Individuals interested in Adobe Dreamweaver CC basic features and tools


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Adobe Dreamweaver CC - Essentials

  • start the course
  • use the Adobe Dreamweaver CC interface
  • navigate the Dreamweaver CC workspace
  • use workspaces for organization
  • create sites and automate file management and syncing in Dreamweaver CC
  • create image hotspots to launch links
  • add and manipulate images in Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • create rollover images with JavaScript and HTML
  • use the Properties Panel when working with images
  • create HTML files and attach style sheets
  • use fluid grid layouts to simultaneously develop your sites for multiple devices
  • insert movies into a HTML document
  • insert a JQuery widget into your web page
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