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Cisco ROUTE 2.0: Infrastructure Services

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In order to operate and ensure availability of a network, it is critical to have visibility and awareness into what is occurring on the network at any given time. Network telemetry offers extensive and useful detection capabilities that can be coupled with dedicated analysis systems to collect, trend, and correlate observed activity. Baseline network telemetry is both inexpensive and relatively simple to implement. After completing this course you will be able to describe and deploy baseline forms of telemetry recommended for network infrastructure devices, including NTP, SNMP, NAT, logging, and NetFlow on Cisco IOS devices.

Target Audience
Anyone wishing to obtain real-world routing knowledge, and those that are considering CCNP and CCIP certification. This learning path's discussion of routing could also benefit early CCIE Routing and Switching candidates. Students completing the ROUTE 2.0 learning path should have a solid foundation in routing fundamentals, Cisco IOS basics, and Cisco routing basics. Attending the ICND1 and ICND2 classes or having the CCNA certification will fulfill these expectations.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Cisco ROUTE 2.0: Infrastructure Services

  • start the course
  • describe how HTTP port numbers can be modified to increase security
  • describe the role of SNMP
  • describe SNMP community strings
  • explain the benefit of using SNMPv3
  • configure SNMPv3
  • verify an SNMPv3 configuration
  • describe the role of Syslog
  • recognize how to control debug output
  • explain the idea behind NTP
  • configure a device for NTP
  • verify NTP configuration
  • describe how NTP can be secured
  • compare NTP versions
  • match the IPv6 transition method to its description
  • describe how NAT64 can be used for address translation
  • describe how NPTv6 can be used for prefix translation
  • explain the function of NetFlow
  • describe the NetFlow architecture
  • list the NetFlow data export versions
  • configure NetFlow
  • to deploy baseline forms of telemetry for network infrastructure devices
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